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Never Miss a Step

It can be hard to get through a brew day without distractions. BrewTroller has your back by providing workflow to user-defined recipes. It calculates your strike and sparge volumes based on recipe parameters. With volume monitoring and valve control it can then fill your vessels automatically, preheat to the calculated strike temperature and time and execute multi-step mash schedules. The boil timer starts automatically when your boil temperature is reached and alarms remind you of boil additions.

If you choose to use BrewTroller's valve control logic you can identify a set of outputs to use for logical functions such as Fill HLT, Sparge In, Sparge Out, etc. These profiles are exposed on context-specific screens for the currently active step in the brewing process. Trade hose swapping regiments in for push button control.

Repeatability. (Repeatability. Repeatability.)

One of the biggest advantages to an active control system is repeatability of a recipe. We can't control all aspects of our life. Even the weather can affect the execution of your recipe. Active monitoring and control of your brewing process can minimize the impact of outside changes and allow you to focus on recipe changes as you refine your craft.

Computer, Tablet, Smartphone: Optional

BrewTroller is a standalone device with simple, inexpensive user interface consisting of a text-based display and control knob (encoder) for user input. You don't need a computer attached to your brew system to use BrewTroller. A computer is used only to upload firmware to device. Windows, OS X and Linux software is available for firmware updates.

An optional Ethernet module allows you to monitor and control your our brew system from any device with a web browser. Future functionality is planned to provide cloud-based monitoring, logging and alerting services.

Hack. Enhance. Customize.

Open Source is our first name. We provide all source code and hardware designs for our projects and devices to the community. We believe this makes our products better by allowing for contributions from a larger community. Hack, enhance, customize and share your results with the community.

For more information about open source software and the GPL license used by BrewTroller visit: GNU General Public License.


  • Monitor temperatures and vessel volumes
  • Control heating devices, pumps and electronic valves
  • Supports variable output power using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • Performs brewing calculations (Strike Volume, Sparge Volume, Strike Temperature)
  • Complete workflow of user-defined recipes for your brew day so you never miss a step
  • Supports automated multi-step mash schedules
  • Automatic Boil Control with Manual Override
  • Boil addition alarms
  • Supports Pulse Width Modulation on heat outputs for use with electric heating elements
  • Standalone device with dedicated LCD and Control Interface (Computer required only for firmware updates)
  • Optional web interface for remote monitoring and control
  • Open Source: Hack, Enhance and Customize
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